Gray MTU being worn by male model
Tan MTU being worn by male model
MC MTU being worn by male model

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Complex Scenarios with Simplified Solutions

Moulage injuries, a cornerstone in practical emergency training, have remained nearly unchanged since their inception, with inflexible functionality and extremely limited package options.We found they all had the same shortcomings and that there exists a necessity to increase time executing scenario training with realistic injuries no matter the training environment or objective.

At A.T.T.S, we threw out the old model and created something better.

The Moulage Training Uniform was designed to deliver the most realistic and practical method of emergency medical instruction using our innovative training apparel. Our system enhances familiar educational aids by simplifying application procedures, enriching situational realism, and allowing for 1000s of scenarios and wounding patterns, with a quicker setup and break down than any existing product.

The Moulage Training Uniform

gray MTU being worn by male model with moulage training patches shown
MTU expanded and cinched up

Expand Your Training

Our Mission Statement

First aid training helps prepare how individuals assess and treat  patients while under pressure, influencing their judgment through hands-on educational repetition, ultimately developing how they go about making critical life-saving decisions.

At A.T.T.S. our mission is to provide educational medical products and services allowing first responders to rapidly gain confidence in training and achieve operational success in their varied and demanding fields.


Mil Spec MTU Top

Mil-Spec Series

Gray MTU Top

Emergency Medical Series

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Training Manikin Series

Moulage training kit patches

Injury Kits

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