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The Advanced Trauma Training System revitalizes the modeling and simulation market; enhancing point-of-wound care preparation and hands-on education through re-imagining the potential of moulage instruction aids. Rehearsing and sustaining proper medical response techniques for crisis situations is now available with a level of freedom previously unattainable.

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The Trauma Training System (TTS)

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An ATTS Exclusive

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Retain Critical Concepts in Learning

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Rejuvenating the Training Aid

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Current Trauma Training Suit Options

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Tan MTU being worn by male model
MC MTU being worn by male model

Our Mission Statement

“Our mission here at ATTS is to provide Simplicity in Training, Confidence in Skill-sets and Competence when it Counts

First aid training helps prepare how individuals assess and treat  patients while under pressure, influencing their judgment through hands-on educational repetition, ultimately developing how they go about making critical life-saving decisions.

At A.T.T.S. we provide educational medical products and services allowing first responders to rapidly gain confidence in training and achieve operational success in their varied and demanding fields.


Mil Spec MTU Top

Mil-Spec Series

Gray MTU Top

Emergency Medical Series

Coming Soon

Training Manikin Series

Moulage training kit patches

Injury Kits

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