About ATTS

A.T.T.S., a veteran owned and operated company, builds upon lessons learned and limitations faced while conducting medical training for a variety of first responders around the world. Our small, expert team has instructed basic emergency care, pre-deployment training for war zones, active shooter response and rescue operations, and first responder triage in mass casualty scenarios.


Thank you for reviewing our product. The conception was simple; how do I maximize my time effectively teaching combat casualty care to students who are on their way to war? The resulting concept is the MTU, based on my personal need to provide the highest quality training for those whose knowledge retention I felt personally responsible for. These suits have allowed for scenarios to continue well past the point of where “endex” is traditionally called, extending learning opportunities in a variety of training settings. Improvise, Adapt, and Overcome; the result of our work leads to simplicity in training, confidence in skillsets, and competence when it counts.

Tyler Hare, fmr USAF & EMT


I became a medic after a chaotic tour with the infantry where I experienced multiple mass casualty scenarios with minimal first aid training. As a military medic, flight paramedic and tactical medic over the last few decades, I have constantly revisited these scenes in hopes of using my experience of the panic and disassociation as a barometer of my own instruction. As a trainer, I’ve carried or shipped bags of moulage, uniforms, and fake blood globally in hopes of increasing training realism. All this extra effort was worth it, but unsustainable. The MTU is a system that brings the ability to approximate this important training to the smallest organizational level and will change course of first aid education.

Nic Troffer, EMT-P, FP-C, fmr SF Medic
Vice President


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