Invest in Training Value

No other training kit available today can compete with the benefits delivered by our training system to design and implement complex medical training scenarios.

Placement possibilities, set-up time, and believability are as significant to your on investment as cost, quality, and quantity of injuries. We provide significant value at a considerably low cost-per-injury price point.

Every Trauma Training Package Includes:

  • 40 Durable Velcro ® Injuries Per Kit
  • 25 Elastic Hook and Loop Straps
  • 20 Trauma Windows
  • Our Exclusive Trauma Training Suit

Package Options

  • Supplementary Trauma Windows
  • Additional Accessory Straps

*Inquire about our two and three Trauma Training Suit Package options for increased savings and benefits.

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“Our one-size-fits-all Trauma Suit serves as an all inclusive training option for every size military uniforms”

Worn over clothing, our wound wear can be switched out in the training environment without the need for dressing rooms or removing footwear. Easily expand and contract the attire for a natural fit.

The first-ever fully expandable garment. Integrating twelve heavy-duty, two-way, separable zippers, helped create a system that can be adjusted to accommodate the physical characteristics of any role player.

Uniform tops incorporate five zippered sections. Jackets are central opening and expandable from the waist to underarm and underarm to wrist.

Uniform bottoms incorporate seven zippered sections. Pants are central opening, with boot access, rear cinch strap, expandable from the waist to knee and knee to ankle.

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