Included Moulage Injury Kits


One injury kit provided with each uniform. Additional injuries can be added or purchased separately, please call for pricing.

Our injuries are handmade from a latex based material to have the appearance of common injuries to include deformities, contusions, abrasions, burns, bruising, penetrating/puncture wounds, laceration and swelling. Currently we offer Velcro backed and non-adhesive. Injury kits contain 30 variations of wounds, allowing instructors to utilize the Velcro backed injuries on additional casualties through supplemental straps or on most soft sided material without the need for adhesives.

Examples of the full kit are as follows, item descriptions are just general categories to label the injuries.

Displaced open fractures with and without shrapnel, open fracture gouge wounds with and without shrapnel, displaced open fracture with bruising, open fracture with exposed end.

Third degree burns, second degree burns, road rash, electrical burns, avulsions, chemical burns, radiation burns, weaponized pathogen blisters.

Evisceration, lacerations, avulsions, gouge wounds, stab wounds,

Scrapes, road rash, deep gouging, tears, bruising, internal bleeding.

Blunt penetrating trauma wounds, entrance and exit, shrapnel, shotgun and bullet injuries.